Owen Ingram

Managing Director

Owen is GMS's Managing Director. Starting the company in 1998, he has seen many developments as the company has grown and established a blue chip client base.

Owen has vast experience in Engineering Design and Manufacturing Processes. Throughout his career Owen has continued to build on his desire to learn. Following on from his earlier trade apprenticeship in welding and engineering technology, he has subsequently added a BSC (Hons) in Material Science, an MBA and diplomas in Change Management. This appetite to learn has evolved through his own company GMS, where young and mature are encouraged to strive for improvement with all levels of development. GMS has an enviable record of under graduate development in all levels of engineering, finance and project management. Training and further education figure high in Owen’s ethos with the company funding and supporting 15% of our team through various programs.

Owen was for many years, a familiar face on the local Rugby Union fraternity having played successfully at a high level nationally. A family man with two sons he is also a keen supporter of the countryside and his spare time is spent walking in the Tyne Valley.