Q1) Where is your supply base?

A. Predominantly our supply base is in China but we do carry some finishing processes within Europe.

Q2) Do you have offices in the countries of your supply base?

A. Yes we have four regional offices in China, based in Hangzhou, Ningbo, Shanghai and Dalian

Q3) Do you have employees based overseas?

A. Yes we have 6 overseas employees who are Chinese nationals

Q4) Do you hold stock in the UK?

A. We hold customers stock on consignment here in the UK and China

Q5) How many parts per month can you handle?

A. We have great flexibility in the levels of stock we can hold which is warehouse size based. Presently we despatch some 1 million parts per month to over 12 different countries.

Q6) What are your key areas of technical support?

A. We have broad areas of technical and engineering support from material science, project management, manufacturing processes to engineering design.

Q7) Who will manage the transport/shipment of the products?

A. Part of our skills as a supply chain manager is to manage the shipment/transport and delivery of products. We do have our own transport resources.

Q8) With what currencies do you operate?

A. Normally we operate in either US$, UK Sterling or Euro