Global Manufacturing Supplies Ltd (GMS) provide engineering services and expertise to industry, and in so doing regards Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental (QHSE) control as an integral part of business management.

We aim to deliver the highest quality products and services to our customers, whilst protecting both people and the environment from harm. In order to meet this aim, GMS commits to:

  • Providing customer satisfaction to not only meet, but exceed expectations;
  • Continually improve the effectiveness of our QHSE management system and performance;
  • Prevention of injury, ill health and pollution;
  • Establish and review measurable and achievable QHSE objectives and targets;
  • Compliance with applicable legal and other requirements to which we subscribe;
  • Ensuring the policy is communicated and understood by employees as well as all persons working under the control of GMS, with the intent that they are made aware of their individual QHSE obligations;
  • Employee empowerment in respect of notifying of any aspects of our business operations which may periodically fall outside of our QHSE policies;
  • Periodic review of the policy to ensure that it remains relevant and appropriate to GMS;
  • Making the policy available to interested parties;

These commitments are achieved through provision of adequate resources for the on-going development of management systems and implementation of the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.