We turn questions into answers.
Ideas into realities

Having built up an enviable customer base within the traditional manufacturing sectors, we have over recent years been able to share our knowledge and expertise within the more emerging sectors such as electric vehicles, renewables, bio sciences and clean air systems.

The world maybe forever changing, but sound engineering principles remain the same, and when coupled with new and more sustainable materials, it can lead to an incredibly powerful solution. Lack of imagination remains the only barrier.

A holistic approach

Our holistic, bespoke approach to product design consultancy and development is creative and innovative, it has to be, as most of the time we’re contemplating new horizons, going where others have not gone before. When you’re at the cutting edge it is ever more vital that all the parts of the process join up.

We’ll find a way to deliver… no matter what.

Tomorrow is the future, that’s where you’ll find GMS.

Our network – working for you

We provide a bespoke engineered supply chain management service to a wide range of organisations on a global basis, from international blue chip clients to smaller individual product owners. Our bespoke approach to the supply chain harnesses our breadth of experience to deliver customers a more competitive cost platform leading to increased sales and revenue.

Technical Centre

Here at GMS we have invested heavily in product verification. On top of our vast array of hand tools, we own some excellent digital 3D measurement solutions, including a portable CMM that can be used outside of our measurement laboratory. This is a great tool which gives us fast, accurate results that can’t be obtained with traditional hand tools and can be coupled with a 3D laser scanner, which is excellent for verifying free formed shapes and providing a visual comparison to their CAD models. Where some customers don’t currently have CAD or engineering drawings for a product, we have the ability to take a 3D point cloud and use the data in the construction of CAD models and engineering drawings for reproduction of the sample.

More recently, GMS invested in a 600mm by 800mm fully automated CMM with integrated vision system which provides the best of both contact & non-contact verification techniques, with the added bonus of a system accuracy of several microns. Finally we have the most up to date laser scanning system, bespoke to turned shafts & spindles, which can provide high micron-accurate results.

We've engineered for tomorrow