We engineered tomorrow for

8 Day

Product implementation turnaround


Customer concept, GMS realised


Right first time

Project Objective

A phone call from a division of our major customer was put through to our engineering manager; theyhad a problem on an install in Australia, and they had a potential fix however none of their casting foundries could achieve or implement it in the very short time frame needed.

After listening to the issues that had arisen, and quickly evaluating and suggesting changes to the concept design, the question was asked; ‘Can GMS help us? 

Following immediate liaison with our manufacturing partner, even though it was well outside working hours, we were able to give commitment to the project.

Project Method

Part pricing was agreed as budgetary and an initial PO for tooling and samples plus production parts issued.

To meet the short lead-time GMS had to make the decision on under-writing to run all parts required out in one hit, whilst simultaneously drafting full level 3 PPAP documentation including Product Validation Testing.

Finished machined castings were launched and in progress, when another phone call was received from the customer;

We need to add additional flame cut fabricated parts to make sure that the solution works right first time as there is only one go at solving this. Can GMS provide these additional six parts as well – but still stay inside of the time frame? 

Once again liaising with our manufacturing plant, we were able to provide part pricing within 2 hours, and committed that all parts would be ready on-time to be air freighted with full level 3 PPAP documentation for the additional 6 parts.

Project Outcome

Despite the pressures created by the tight timescale, extra requests, and need for correct first off parts, GMS managed to deliver to drawing parts within the restricted lead-time and assist one of our major customers in preventing further issues in the field.

This has led to further business invitations and a multitude of future opportunities with the division, due to our capabilities and desire to go that extra mile to stand by and support our customers.


One of the crucial parts; produced, PPAP’d, and approved within 8 days